Lisbon Gentleman’s Strip Club

BodyClub takes you to another reality. Luxury and sensuality have a name.

We are providing our guests with all the luxury and sensuality of one of Portugal’s most renowned strip clubs since 2011.
Going to Body Club is taking your senses to another reality. Our guests leave Lisbon’s frenzy behind by going down on a lift that opens to a space where they can surrender to the calm exuberance of small pleasures, voluptuousness and hedonism.


BodyClub was born from the intimate relation between luxury and sensuality. A unique location in Lisbon with unmatched comfort and exquisiteness. Its original, differentiating concept aims at meeting the most sublime, exquisite desires thereby providing guests with special, unforgettable moments.

Guarantee your spot in BodyClub and have a memorable experience.

Upcoming Events

In addition to our famous strip shows featuring national and international dancers, BodyClub organises regular events where your presence is mandatory.


BodyClub’s originality and magnificence draw the attention of our guests. Let our sophisticated, sensual atmosphere inspire you.



Rua Sousa Martins, 5D
1050-217 Lisboa


Opening hours

Open every day from 10:30 pm to 04:00 am

Guarantee your spot in BodyClub and have a memorable experience.